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Authentic Nigerian Moi-Moi Recipe

Traditional Moi-Moi Ingredients • 2 cups of brown beans •1 large red bell pepper • 2-3 fresh pepper •1½ large onion • ¾ cup water for blending • ¾ cup vegetable oil (or oil of choice) • 1 seasoning cube • 1 teaspoon salt • ½ cup water • ½ cup chicken stock • 3-5 boiled eggs • 1 chicken breast (Cooked and shredded) Directions: • Soak, peel and wash beans. • Blend peeled beans, onion, fresh pepper, bell pepper and water until completely smooth. • Transfer blended mix to a bowl. • Add water, meat stock, seasoning cube, oil and whisk thoroughly until all ingredients are fully incorporated. • In a large pot, bring 6 cups of water to...

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How to Make The Ultimate Lobster Crawfish Boil

Ingredients: 4-5 pieces of red potatoes  2 Medium Lobster tails 1 pound crawfish  ½ pound shrimps 2 corn on the cob 2 medium smoked sausages  (Select seafood according to preference) 1½ teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon chilli powder  1 small onion 1 teaspoon garlic powder  2 cups of water 3 tablespoons old bay seasonings  1 teaspoon fish seasoning  2 tablespoon melted butter    Preparation: Clean seafood thoroughly and set aside Cut and boil potatoes until half cooked  In a large pot, bring 3 cups of water to a boil.  Add potatoes, carrots, seafood, sausages, onion and spices and water to seafood bag. Transfer bag to pot in an upright position and let steam for 7 minutes. Open bag after 7 minutes,...

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How To Make Nigerian Crayfish Moi-Moi

 How To Make Nigerian Crayfish Moi-Moi Cooking Directions: Soak peeled beans for 1hr or more. Blend with Tatashelbell pepper, onion, crayfish. Seasoning cubes in hot water. Salt, oil, season cubes, water. Mix for about 10 minutes. Pour batter into Moi-Moi pouches. Add boiled egg, smoked fish, or your choice of condiments. Seal in the pouch. Transfer to stream pot with boiling water. Cook for about 30-40 minutes. Zero mess… Enjoy   Recipe: •2 cups peeled beans soaked makes about 4cups beans •1/2 cup crayfish•1 large bell pepper•2-3fresh pepper •1 1/2 large onion• 1cup water for blending• 1 cup oil• 3/4 cup water•1 maggi crayfish• 1 knorr cube• 1 teaspoon salt Cook for about 30-40 minutes.

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Spicy Garlic Butter Seafood Boil

Spicy Garlic Butter Seafood Boil   Ingredients: ½ pound shrimp 7 potatoes 1 piece of corn (cut into pieces) ½ lemon 2 cups water 1 tbsp olive oil ½ chicken bouillon cube ½ stick butter ½ sweet onion 2 cloves garlic 1 tbsp black pepper 1 tbsp garlic powder 1 tbsp onion powder 1 tbsp cayenne pepper 1 tbsp brown sugar 2 tbsp old bay seasoning Most importantly: THE SEAFOOD BOIL BAG! Directions: Cook butter, garlic, and onions on medium heat for about 5 minutes Add water mix (w/ oil + chicken bouillon cube) immediately after Add dry ingredients Lastly, squeeze lemon using a lemon squeezer into the mixture Mix for an additional 2 minutes Once done, put the mixture...

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Throw the Perfect Seafood Boil Party This Summer

In the backyard, around sunset, gathered with friends, a pot of fresh seafood set to boil. You hear the sounds - a lid clanging, water boiling, the crumble of ice in a cooler, people chatting, shells cracking, and the laughter of loved ones. Since eating seafood like lobster, crab and peel-and-eat shrimp is both a deluxe food experience and a hands-on activity, it's great for a party-especially in the summer. Boiling up a large pot of shellfish with all the fixings of a classic low-country boil-potatoes, smoked sausage, Old Bay seasoning, and plenty of melted butter for dipping-is one of the easiest ways to feed a crowd. The benefits are endless: You can make it your own by adding garden-fresh...

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