Seafood Boil Bag:

Are the bags safe to use?

- Yes, they are 100% BPA FREE

Can it be stored in the freezer/fridge?

- Yes.
How many come in a box?
- 5 bags per box
Where can I find how to use instructions?
- Instructions can be found on the back
How can I buy wholesale or become a distributor?
- You can contact us at with your inquiry

Moi-Moi Pouch:

How many bags come in a pack?

- 100 pouches per pack


Are the pouches microwavable?

- No


Are the pouches reusable?

- We recommend reuse only up to one time.


How do I cook Moi-Moi using this pouch?

- The directions are listed on the back of each pouch. If you have not purchased a pouch yet, you can refer to the video posted on the Moi-Moi pouch page or send an email to for assistance.


How can I become a distributor?

- Send your inquiry to or call us today at 862-216-6656.


Where can I purchase the pouches?

- You can purchase the pouches here on our website, on Amazon, or you can click on the store tab at the top to see what stores have them available near you.


Are the pouches only available in the United States?

- The pouches are also available in Canada, the UK, and Nigeria.
























Shipping Section:

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing and 2-3 business day for shipping.